Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recap on the BIG Market weekend!

Wow... I can't believe we pulled it off!!! Two consecutive pop-up shops on Saturday and Sunday! We are so exhausted... but really happy with the way it turned out!

Here is my quick recap!

Day 1: Remodelista Holiday Market at Big Daddy's Antiques
This was my first time participating a highly curated market. I have to tell you... I was really nervous and had a butterfly in my stomach since I had no idea what to expect about the very limited space we had to work with. We had 2 hours before the market opened to unload, carry-in all the boxes, coordinate the table and be ready for customers. When I realized that I had so many items for a small table real estate... I slightly panicked. But I breathed in/out few times, told myself to SIMPLIFY and just got to work. I think I barely made it to the opening time... but somehow I managed to put my apron on and wore my customer service hat on when customers started rolling in. Once the door opened, there was absolutely no break for the following 6+ hours and that was a pure blessing! The biggest hit was Midori's Travelers' Notebook! I quickly sold out all the Traveler's Notebook I had with me and had to ask FB to bring more! I really loved seeing my customers' face light up when they got the story behind the Traveler's Notebook.

I didn't really have a chance to browse and talk to my lovely neighboring vendors... but I overheard them talk and glanced their tables between helping my customers and here are some that I loved!

Small Trade Company: This carry-it-all bag he had looked amazing!

Foraged Flora by Louesa Roebuck: Louesa (who was absolutely sweet person to have as a table neighbor:) forages flowers, branches, beautiful natures to share with her customers. From what I overheard, she also styles for magazines such as Food & Wine to bring "seasons" to those photo shoot! Isn't the story intriguing?

Whim & Caprice: she was all the way across from my table but I really loved the way she was displaying her pillows and I felt really sweet vibe from her! Upon coming home, I looked up her shop on the web and fell in love with her simple/sophisticated aesthetics on linen wares!

IKO IKO: Speaking of the BEST AND SWEETEST adjacent neighbor to have... Krista from IKO IKO was so accommodating to us. She accommodated me to have an extra small table to fit overflowing items even though we had to share a tiny 1.5 square feet space between our tables as a result. I felt like her personality really spoke to the IKO IKO's collection!

Big Daddy's Antiques: They were our hosting venue and they have breath taking space... I think I have to revisit them just to admire all their collection in the warehouse!

Thank you so much REMODELISTA team for inviting us to be a part of the big event!

Day 2: Rose Bowl Flea Market
This is our 4th time participating the Rose Bowl Flea Market! I thought I would be absolutely exhausted from the day before... but I was really excited to wake up at 5am to get going! The 10x10+ space felt soooo big after squeezing everything on one table at REMODELISTA holiday market... such a luxury:)

Here we had enough elbow space to really showcase our brand new baum-kuchen Inspirational Investment Map! I love sharing the story behind this map and customers were really appreciating the quality of the print, design and the quality of frames! Every time a customer made a big decision to purchase one, I did a mini jump with an excitement then I had to explain that I was simply happy because this map was like a second baby to us.

The biggest hit at this market was the SIWA items! I have a feeling that lucky few people will be receiving them as holiday gifts:)

Also I saw a lot of returning customers at the market. I am so thankful for my customers who looked around for us since we have been continuously changing locations within the Flea Market! In 2012 (after our big trip), I am planning to find us a permanent booth space at the Rose Bowl Flea Market so we can continue to grow our relationship with our baum-kuchen community:)


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