Saturday, December 17, 2011

out to the world!

Where do I begin...?
It has been nearly 10 years ever since I fell in love with this school. I am honored to hold a degree from the school... and even more honored to be able to share my passion for design and design research as an instructor.

Graduation week is always very emotional time for me...
It brings back the memory from years ago when I graduated... but more so I feel for all the hard work which has been poured in for last 3+ years by our graduating students.

Now that I have taught at the school long enough that I am witnessing my *first* handful of students graduate and it's really hard not to feel like a mom who watches her kids take off. I also think of Norm... because I know he would be (and is) so proud of them.

Go get the world, guys:)
Whatever your future holds, I know you will thrive with your passion...


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