Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Belated happy st. Nikolaus!

This morning we celebrated belated st. Nikalaus day with our little roo. I didn't grow up with this tradition in Japan... but just hearing how special it was for FB (who grew up in Germany), I couldn't help to take a lead on making it special for our little roo:)

Late last night... (after today's shipment was ready), I started making a collection of magnetic photos. Photos of our little roo with our close family/friends so she could place them on our refrigerator and see everyone... all the time.

Yellow rain boots (which used to belong to my little sister...) filled with tiny magnets were waiting for her in the morning. FB and I picked her up from her crib this morning and showed her a way!

Expression on her face when she discovered little goodies in the boots was priceless. Isn't it amazing that we can create something so magical for someone special?? Ah... joy of parenthood:) She loved all the photos and was playing with them while I was cooking dinner for a quite while... practicing everyone's name:)

... so special...
check out her morning hair:) 
We decided to keep the boots in the hallway instead of leaving them outside of the door... just to make sure that they are safe:)
What's inside, mama??

now I can always see my family and friends:)


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