Thursday, December 15, 2011

30+3 = :)

I had a very peaceful birthday today. A day filled with my little family. Spending some time on my own to reflect and be thankful for the last 32 years of my life. My friend Penelope stopping by with freshly baked brownie (thank you Penni:)

A few things I learned this year (and from previous years) that I would love to share with my little roo when she grows up...

Let's not rush living life
... instead let's keep our eyes and heart opened to what is in front of us.
Let's never fear passing time
... because we can make more out of every moment by living our lives passionately. 
Let's design our own path forward
... and always remember that both weakness and strength make us unique. 
Let's always give... more than take.

Let's enjoy learning new wisdom
... but let's never forget our innocence to be awed by simple things in life.

Let's treat everyday... as if it were our birthday and let's do the same for people we love:)

Thank you Frido for baking the midnight cake to build a special birthday shrine for me. You make me love, care and nurture life so much more... always + forever.



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