Monday, July 2, 2012

07:02:12 [159/365] - "Everybody takes a break"

I hope you had a lovely weekend...

We are expecting a very busy month coming up so we decided to have an "offline" family weekend. The idea of not having an access to the internet all weekend felt very strange on Saturday morning... and it almost made me feel awkward...  It was like we didn't know what to do with silent moments. But after finding our groove, it was so lovely. We had so much more mental and emotional space around us... for ourselves and for each other. We went to a nice dinner date on Saturday (more to share about this soon), I ironed linens and shirts which have never happened for last few years... did gardening together, took family naps...

I even had a moment to think about what's next for Baum-Kuchen. It was a simple luxury I haven't had for a while.

At the end of our long and leisurely weekend, we were relaxing in the backyard. Grown-ups with a glasses of beer and our little Roo with her favorite homemade Popsicle... and she announces, "Everybody takes a break!!".


We will be pulling ourselves from our online world on the weekend as much as we can from now on!


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