Friday, August 10, 2012

Found MUJI & ±0

Few other inspiring shops I came across while I was strolling the city of Tokyo happened to be both related to Naoto Fukasawa, an admired Japanese industrial designer who have had a huge influence on MUJI brand.

Found MUJI is an exhibit like shop space which displays artifacts "found" from all over the world. I like how some of the items have been improved through collaboration between MUJI and traditional craftsman in order to best fit in current lifestyles. So these products are not just old and good... but they are long lasting and perfect.

Then there was ±0. They have opened a showroom in Harajyuku. Actually... the showroom building caught my eyes before I realized that it was in fact ±0. It was such a minimalistic installation... It brought a fresh breath to my eyes in the midst of Harajyuku chaos.


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