Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stepping in the city of Hamburg, Eppendorfer Neighborhood

This is my 4th visit to Germany and I have taken my solo trip to the city of Hamburg for the first time!

It's so funny how a city starts to feel like it belongs to the special part of our life when we really get to know it better in a personal way. I also love that I can pretty much go anywhere by public transportations and foot and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake (literally) at every corner of the town. Now more than ever..., I wish we had this culture in Los Angeles.

I was able to hit three stores in Eppendorfer neighborhood. All very distinct, inspiring and beautiful. Aside from being constantly nagged by city bicyclists (because I didn't realize how the bicycle lane worked until much later of the day), I enjoyed strolling the town... breathing much needed fresh air in the midst of persistent jet lag! 

Johanna Schultz:
I love a well curated vintage store... especially if I can only find some of the items here in Germany and they are eclectic! I could bought a whole store if I had more space in my suitcase. It was a good educational experience to understand what type of vintage/antique items that might be available in the city and the price point since we are planning to have a flea market adventure on this Saturday!

I did score the green canvas/leather vintage bag! It was used as a lunch box in Swiss army. The owner of the store said.... maybe in 1920's. LOVE the leather hinge, a structured look and the combination of materials. It is an inspiration for some of the future Baum-Kuchen original product:)


On the same street as Johana Schultz, there was Milchm├Ądchen Design, a select shop full of handmade products mainly from Germany and European countries.  The owner was so sweet... helping me to pick some of the items in English.  I love the airy feeling of the store. Clean, simple and so easy on eyes.

The shop name translates as "Mother Land". It's a cafe, artisan food shop (many are "made in Hamburg" products), and a source of inspiration. They have the most amazing breakfast, lunch and cake selection with organic and local foods... No German (maybe European) city walk can be complete without a little stop at a cafe... and this was my pit stop for a refill. Homemade plum tart and a cup of coffee.

And check out their shelving system! I have been thinking of the pop-up shop display ideas so this was really refreshing to see!


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