Monday, August 13, 2012

Traveler's Factory Limited Edition!

When I visited the beloved Traveler's Factory while visiting Tokyo, I purchased a few items to share with other passionate Traveler's Notebook fans!  They are limited in numbers... since I could only pick a few things that fit in my suitcase. I hope you can find something that could spice up your Traveler's Notebook collection!

Below is the list of items... and if you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please send me an email ( so I can forward additional information towards your way!

I hope you enjoy:)

1. Traveler's Factory Ballpoint Pen: 
This is a very cool Brass Ballpoint Pen! The mechanism works just like Brass Ballpoint Pen from Midori (reliable and refillable:)  I love the color of this pen and the travel inspired graphic! 

2. Traveler's Factory mt Masking Tape: Orange or Blue
Traveler's Notebook meets mt Masking Tape! Isn't it the best collaboration ever? You can use it to seal an envelope, tape it around the Traveler's Notebook refill cover, or anywhere else that can use a little accent of color and travel inspiration.

3. Traveler's Factory Stamps: TFA or Via Air Mail.
I love stamps... because I can keep using it over and over! I picked up two very functional stamps from Traveler's Factory. I think TFA stamp will be great to catalog all the refills and notebooks and I would love to use Via Air Mail stamp when I mail a package to someone special. 


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