Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pretty attracts more pretty

Between two big international travels (leaving to Germany in 4 days!) I am catching up with all my work this week. (or I should say as much work as I can tackle between a babysitter and Roo's nap time.)

Traveler's Factory Limited Edition items are moving out of our office very quickly (thank you everyone for your interests!!!). If you are still interested, please contact me soon ( We sold out their limited edition ballpoint pen but still have a few mt Masking Tapes and original stamps!

In my photo studio (aka. living room corner by a big window), I am having a lot of fun with new color singlets of mt Masking Tapes! I am still continuing with the theme of "what if each tape had a story...?" when I take these photos. What comes out of each color and which props I end up using is pretty spontaneous and organic process but I am happy with what I have so far.

Here are some selected photos from the shoot but you can take a look at all the fun pictures of mt Masking tapes at our shop!

mt: Neon Pink
mt: Charcoal Grey Collage
mt: Sky Blue
mt: Mint
mt: Neon Green
mt: Japanese Checker (Red)
mt: Japanese Checker (Black/White)

I still have few more singlets to upload to our shop and a whole new collection of mt Suites (a variety pack of 5 tapes). Please stay tuned!


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