Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Traveler's Factory / DAY

If you are a huge fun/follower of the Traveler's Notebook culture like me..., visiting Traveler's Factory, a flagship shop in Naka-Meguro (Tokyo) is like visiting a sacred place... Luckily I was able to visit there twice during my one week stay in Japan. Once during the day with the amazing team behind the Traveler's Notebook... then one more time by myself in the evening. I have so many photos to share so I figured I would divide them in a few sequels. I hope you don't mind a photo overload!!!

The first set of photos are from my day visit to Traveler's Factory after having an inspiring meeting at their corporate office. The two story building which used to be a small old warehouse is a shop, a cafe, workshop place, a community... and most importantly a place full of inspiration. I love how I had to walk through a very busy street with so much noise (think Pachinko!) and crowd to get to this very quiet back alley. 

The moment I entered the building, I could smell the adventure, journey and the romance of travel... It must had been the combination of wood surfaces, artifacts collected from flea market around the world, and coffee. Then I got visually overloaded with beautifully made visual boards, all the raw materials... and of course Traveler's Factory limited items!

I just wanted to be there and hang out as long as I could. Traveler's Factory limited edition items (some made by Traveler's Notebook team and others made by their collaboration partners) were a lot of fun to browse through. Running my own brand, Baum-Kuchen, I know how difficult it sometimes could be to keep a cohesive and authentic brand voice. Well... they definitely figured it out in a really good way!

Last two photos are amazing team behind Traveler's Notebook! First photo taken at their corporate office with Mr. Manako from oversea operation and Mr. Onishi who is involved with Traveler's Factory operation as well as marketing. The second photo is taken at Traveler's Factory with Mr. Ishii (left) who is involved with MD Notebooks, Mr. Ijima (middle), a brand manager of Traveler's Notebook!!! and Ms. Hashimoto, a chief designer of Traveler's Notebook!

Meeting and speaking to them was extremely inspiring to me. It made me fall in love with Traveler's Notebook all over again and I am so honored to be a part of their journey.

I can go on and on about how awesome the visit was... but I will let the photos speak the rest! I hope you enjoy:)

p.s. you can see my evening visit to Traveler's Factory here! (link)



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