Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello new goodies at Baum-Kuchen!

Last week I worked marathon hours to upload many new items on our shop! I thought I would do a round-up of new goodies here!

Ceramic Fragrance Card
I liked how "zen" this card feels both in concept and in hand. When I saw them at one of the selected shops in Kyoto, I couldn't help but simply sigh...

It's a part business card holder, part room fragrance and part desktop art piece. You leave a few drops of your favorite essential oils... it creates a very zen "sumi drawing" like water (oil) mark for a little while... then disappear... only leaving a pleasant aroma. You can keep the ceramic card on your desk with a wooden stand or keep just the ceramic plate in your wallet. The statements "Happiness is here." or "Everything's gonna be all right" are beautifully debossed into the ceramic plate being a gentle reminder to your everyday life. We also have ones that have no writings on them!

Available in three options.
- Everything's gonna be all right.
- Happiness is here.
- Blank
The package includes one ceramic plate and a wooden stand.


This was also one of those serendipity items. My German mother-in-law gave me one set as a holiday gift last year... then I met few other Traveler's Notebook customers using and loving them. So I looked into the company and learned that they are designed and made in Portland, OR and would let us create an original label for each canister! 

Functionally I love that they are SO THIN so they don't make your book or sketchbook bulky even when you put many many book darts to "point" you in the right direction! We designed the label with our favorite phrase "everything happens for a reason" and each can comes with 50 brass darts.

Stitching Postcards: Japan, France, United Kingdom and the city of New York
These cards have been so popular that I decided to expand our collections! Please say hello to the new country and the city:) There are few more coming towards our shop soon!


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