Monday, October 15, 2012

Currently designed at Baum-Kuchen!

One of the things FB and I have come to conclude as one of this year's learning is... that we need to create more!

I love sharing great designs from all over the world and get inspired by the process... but we are definitely "creators" in heart and have this burning desire to be making something meaningful and sharing them with people. Designing the Inspirational Investment Map (which is coming back soon by popular demand... just in time for holiday seasons) was definitely a huge step for us and we're ready to take more:)

So here are some photos of what is cooking in our shop right now. To get this item finished there will be a bit of coordination between a maker in Germany and our studio in LA... so we will see how our adventure develops! I am excited that I have my sewing machine out to make a part of mock-ups.

Nothing like designing.

Happy Monday:)


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