Thursday, October 25, 2012


So I've been thinking lately... how my blog is changing and so am I. I am in this phase that makes me feel like I am in the very vague transition process.

I started thinking about this when I realized that I am taking much less photos recently and started wondering... "What's going on?? Am I not as inspired as before??"

Partially... I think I have been swallowed by Instagram and posting there made me feel like I have been already updating what's happening... and coming back to the blog to write more felt repetitive. Other reason is... that I've been going to bed with Roo at 8:30pm every night for last few weeks and I simply have not had my usual evening hours to blog anymore.

So I might take a break from Instagram. As much as it's a great app and a lot of the photos look really cool with their filter, I just don't feel like they are mine as much as the ones I take with my own camera and adjust images on my own. Also I am thinking of carving out daytime hours for regular posting and writing. I do have A LOT to share... and I do think I need to make the idea of "sharing inspiration from everyday" as one of my priority as I move forward.

Reflecting back, I always reinvented myself every two years or so. It just the way I have been... and I think I am kind of ready for a change. The only difference is that during my previous transition phases, I knew where I was going. This time... I have no clue.

I guess I will just have to let it be and let whatever is waiting for me to come to me. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more blog updates in/around the house

p.s. no worries! I am not leaving Baum-Kuchen shop!! That is here to stay:)


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