Monday, October 8, 2012

New: Bamboo Bento Box!

You know... the Bento Box culture (lunch box) in Japan is huge! So when my lovely customer Sonia from France suggested me to look into the Bento Box for our shop, I knew I had to get onto it!

Luckily I did not have to look too far.  Kohchosai Kosuga, a traditional bamboo maker in Kyoto who have created a beautiful line of MINOTAKE collection also carries a series of handmade bamboo bento box! 

So I selected two different kinds of stack-able lunch box for our shop!

I love how vivid the bamboo grain shows on these Bento Box and how crisp the shape feels in hand and eyes. I tried making a few lunches with these Bento Box and food looks amazing! Also it's just the right size so it's not too big nor too small. (their single Bento Box would be too small for us who are used to the western portion, right??)


Bamboo Bento Box by Kohchosai Kosuga
Available in Rectangle and Round
with an option of black or red elastic band. 


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