Thursday, October 11, 2012

Traveling time with MIDORI Kangaroo Notebook

Seeing how Vané of Brookly Bride is using her MIDORI Kangaroo Notebook and Bee Notebook made me want to travel more... Since we have no further travel scheduled for 2012 and 2013, I figured I can enjoy my "travel" by revisiting some goodies I collected from last few trips.

I am working on two MIDORI Kangaroo Notebook. I am using the horizontal one to create an adventure journal for our little Roo and the vertical one to collect inspiration for myself.

While we were visiting Hamburg, she had a chance to visit a zoo with her opi and papa. When she came back from the zoo, she was really excited and told me all about animals she just saw... pointing at the illustrated zoo map.  I am hoping in a few years... she will be able to add more memories by herself. 

And here is how I am using the vertical MIDORI Kangaroo Notebook to collect odds and ends of analogue inspiration. I know we have Pinterest and other digital tools to keep a personal creative collage... but it's just not the same as having something physical we can touch and play with, isn't it??  I tend to collect more things when I am traveling... so the book is becoming 1/2 inspiration, 1/2 travel reflection. I love the process of editing and reframing the things I have collected. I tend to make a page based on the visual interest... seeing some kind of relationship between one artifact to another. Even though it feels little random right now, I know when I look back the notebook, serendipity of the random collection will bring some new thoughts to our design.

Oh how much I love paper products...


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