Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last seven days (more like last week...)

Okay... where are days going???

I feel like yesterday when I updated the "last seven days" post last week. I suppose brand identity redesign, our new deck, long weekend and inventory restocking have taken a good chunk of my time last week. But thankfully..., all the PRE-ORDER items have been shipped as of this morning and we have restocked most of the Traveler's Notebook collection... which brings a huge relief to my day.

If you follow my Instagram feed, you have noticed a huge dose of deck photos from our house! Frido has been working so hard for past few weeks and finished 95% of the main deck. Staining, stair building and decorating with plants are still on our to-do list but it's finished enough for three of us to enjoy our garden view in a daily basis. We LOVE it! I can't believe how we lived without it now... I can be cooking in the kitchen and Roo can be playing on a deck by herself with Shep. It's brilliant!

Earlier in the week, Roo and I had a proper zoo date. Since we got an annual pass last time, we talked about which animals we really wanted to see, looked up on the map and headed straight to her favorites - elephant and tiger (okay... we stopped at few places along the way). It's nearly impossible to see the whole zoo with my pregnant walkability (or lack of) and Roo being 2 year old... so this strategy worked really well for both us. We were so lucky to see a demonstration of zoo keepers and elephants interaction 10 feet away from us!!! (they were cleaning elephant's toes, brushing their bodies, giving carrots as treats, etc.) I think Roo was quite surprised by how big actual elephants were... scale can be such a tricky (and magical) thing for little ones to imagine! We had such a lovely time. She now cleans her wooden elephants' toes and eats carrots "like elephants":)

Oh and Frido and I gracefully skipped Valentine's Day celebration. It was a thing we kind of decided when we started dating and something we never looked back.

Happy end of February to everyone:)

more photos after jump!


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