Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last seven days... (well sort of)

Last week was a busy one between taking care of a sick little girl and keeping up with everything in and around the home and shop. I am thankful that we are through with this round of sick days and are back running as usual.

From the shop end... there was a lovely feature of LIFE's Journey by Elizabeth of the Littlest blog.  I am a huge fun of her blog and a long time follower... so you could imagine how thrilled I was to be included in her blog post:) I am so grateful to meet lovely readers of her blog!

Also one of my customer sent me YouTube video that was recently published about Traveler's Notebook and the cult of adventure journaling by pelahale It's a 20 minutes video that provides in-depth walk through of Traveler's Notebook (both regular and passport size) and shares other interesting information about the phenomenon of journaling while on the road. There was a big surge of Traveler's Notebook sales in past few weeks... and I am wondering perhaps his video and Fritz video about Traveler's Notebook (also a great one:) are helping us to be slightly more visible!

At our house... there is a deck construction going Frido. We originally thought of hiring a professional contractor to build it but between cost and hassle, we came to the conclusion that it makes sense if Frido tackled it. So he is at it every free time he has...  After having no access to the back door for nearly three weeks it is almost there! We are all quite impressed by how perfectly this deck is coming out. I suppose it's the power of German precision.

I hope everyone is staying warm and AWAY from any of these cold!!! Have an (early) weekend:)

Hope to share more posts here later today!

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