Monday, February 4, 2013

Last seven days...

Hello Monday!

It has been a very busy Monday for me. Wrapping my first work day of the week by reflecting last seven days makes me happy:)

First thing first... thank you so much for warm comments and emails regarding our family expansion! I realized afterward... that our announcement blog post coincided with 600th post here! What a happy accident:)

Our other highlight from the week was our first weekend trip to the snow. Even though it was a very warm weekend and there wasn't really the "real snow"sitting around our rental house... introducing Roo to sledding and snow tubing... was so awesome! Roo had NO IDEA what it meant to go down the snowy hill before... but quickly got used to it and the uncontrollable giggles that followed each slide was priceless!

Aside from that... there are lots of shipment going out our door right now so the shop is happily busy:) I am super thankful that the end of holiday seasons have not stopped us from interacting with our customers.

I look forward to a warm Los Angeles week for next seven days... I hope yours will be equally warm (inside and out) and exciting!



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