Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What if Baum-Kuchen were a colors...?

I believe we have to continue evolving ourselves as world around us spins and projects forward. So when Frido and I discussed about what's next for Baum-Kuchen and came to the conclusion that we will be designing/creating more original products as a big part of our next phase growth, it came apparent that we will need to rethink of our brand identity as a whole.

I think what we have now works great for today... but we want to continue challenging ourselves to be better, greater and more...

So here we are... in the midst of brand identity redesign! We are collaborating with Tomo, a very talented graphic/brand designer to create a whole new look for us. 

Last week we met with her who hosted a small workshop for us. Through creative interviewing process, she got us talking about our idea, vision and inspiration for Baum-Kuchen... and one of the exercise we did was to think "what if Baum-Kuchen were colors...?"

We had so much fun answering this questions. She had a stack of color chips we could use to express... but we ended up scavenge hunting around our office to find exactly what we were looking for. It was such a fun process! I took a few snapshots of the process so I thought I would share!

I really can't wait to see what comes out of the process at the end!!! Please stay tuned:)


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