Friday, February 15, 2013

Shop... but also studio!

Since we made a decision to create and design more at Baum-kuchen, there has been a good culture shift here in our office.

Aside from many hours of solo computer work I do to upkeep the online shop, blog and order fulfillment procedures that usually happen every other day (with loud music played in the background), we have added design review meetings, vendor visits and material sampling, etc. etc... on our plate.

It has been a great change to collaborate and work with talented designers and skilled craftsmen who bring fresh air to what we do and how we think. (and let's face it. I love cookies and muffins that go around the table when we have meetings...)

It can be bit exhausting to juggle everything for me especially with 6 months pregnant belly..., but I haven't felt more creative in a while!

So stay tuned for more details about what is cooking in our studio as well as new collection that we will be curating in our shop soon!!!

Have a lovely weekend:)


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