Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An weekend at El Capitan Canyon!

We spent an amazing weekend with our friend from Snug Attack and their (ever growing) twins to celebrate their 4th birthday. To mark the special occasion, we ventured out to El Captan Canyon for "glamping"! I am sure "glamping" (glamorous camping) has a variety of definitions but for us... it was to stay in a pre-fabricated yurt with a real bed (and very soft dawn blanket), a heater, lights and a refrigerator... while cooking meals on the grill and enjoying outdoor activities all day long! I used to camp with a tent and all... but there were enough wild cards with little ones, it was nice to know that there was a comfortable bed waiting for us to get a good rest every night.  

El Captan Canyon was really like a utopia for families. On the property, there was a general market (in case we forgot anything...), heated pool, playground and clean bathroom and showers. Also it was a car free zone so once we unload/load the car, we were asked to park our cars outside of the campsite which made it so carefree for kids to run around! We joined an organized 0.5mile hike to a nearby llama farm. Roo and I tried to feed grass to llama and it was quite special to get so close to them in person.

We were also right next to El Captan State Beach so we spent the hot afternoon on the beach... Kids were busy building sand castle (including some big kids) and Coco was happy to be feeling the sea breeze under a little tent we built for her...

You can tell that the concept of "camping" was so magical for kids... all three kids were beaming with joy throughout the weekend. It must have felt like an awesome play date that never ended! Jane made flower crowns for everyone to celebrate the occasion. It made the birthday extra festive!

Happy birthday to our favorite twins!! We were so happy and honored to celebrate the day and the weekend with you guys and we can't wait to go back!



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