Friday, October 11, 2013

Sharing beautiful leather bags designed and made by clau!

We are preparing for tomorrow's opening party like crazy right now. In the big picture, it feels like a breeze but then I realize that there are A LOT of little things that need to be done... and I tend to be really detail obsessed. I have to tell myself... that some things I need to let go... , some things I just need to do... and some things I need to be okay being open-ended.

My plan is to rearrange and transform the space from a studio-like to a shop-like space to really showcase products we are carrying. I love that we can FINALLY let these amazing products breathe in the real world. They totally deserve it! Then helping Stefan who offered to share his outdoor space as a gathering area for guests to eat, drink and mingle. We also talked to our another neighbor Verdugo Bar if they would like to take a part and they offered their trumer pils beer to share with our guests! I am so in LOVE with the spirit of this neighborhood.

AND! We are so honored to be showcasing beautiful leather bags designed and made by Christine Lau (aka clau). She stopped by the studio on Wednesday to share some of her bags and they are truly labor of love. I love that her product design as well as her color & material backgrounds really shine through her bag's functionalities and details... We spent an hour or so chatting about her bags and talked about story-telling. I wanted this space to really foster conversation about things we believe as Baum-kuchen and create an awesome community that really brings the best of everyone. So being able to share our passion and our space with Christine at tomorrow's event is a big milestone for us! I can't wait to debut her bags with all the guests at the party!

all photos taken by Susan Kennedy who is in town from Detroit to generously offer hands both at our home and at the shop. what have I done this week without you Susan!!


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