Friday, October 4, 2013

Coco... you are our 4 months old baby.

There is nothing like a growing baby... that brings so much awareness to time. Our baby Coco celebrated her 4th month birthday with a birthday song by her Sister in the morning... and a doctor's visit with vaccines (and a little fever at night). 

She is a sweet sweet girl... who smiles to us when we approach her. She loves us making eye contacts with her big round eyes and hearing us make funny sounds. She sits quietly on her bouncy chair when Roo reads books to her. She leans over to Roo wanting to see all the pictures in her books. She gives me the warmest smile when I sing her twinkle twinkle little star...  while rocking her to sleep. Well... actually she prefers us holding her while bouncing gently on a pilate ball especially when she is really really sleepy. I like watering the garden with her in the morning... it gives me the quiet time to stay really close to her and feel the air that is starting to cool down. Her neck is getting stronger and stronger by day and we can see that she will soon be ready to sit with us at the table. She is starting to comfortably sleep through the night... and wakes up with a smile in the morning. Her doctor said to me, "she never missed the meal". She is a big girl and we love it... and really... there is nothing more fulfilling than holding a healthy baby in my arm. 

Few weeks ago we asked our friend Courtney of Erin Hearts Court to join us and document our morning through her lens. We made breakfast (of course... our favorite... crape!), hang out together in our bedroom... We also asked her to document us taking Coco's measurement for the first time on "her" LIFE's Journey measuring stick. It will be mounted on the wall next to Roo's measuring stick once she can stand in front of it... but for now it was nice to be able to measure her laying down on the bed.  She is such a wiggly baby:)

Coco... my sweet sunshine... We love you so much! xoxo

all photos taken by Courtney of Erin Hearts Court 


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