Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Probably a lot of parents can relate to this subject... bedtime routine. There are a lot of theories about what is the best way to put kids to sleep. But there is no right or wrong way of doing it... and the decision of how to craft nightly routine is a very personal one.

Over last three years we have gone through co-sleeping with Roo to helping her to sleep in her own bed by laying next to her... to finally letting her have more ownership of her toddler size bed recently. Even though she sleeps most of the night in her own bed now, bedtime routine has been challenging. We are usually so tired by the end of night including ourselves which leads to less patience and more whining... and what could be a peaceful end of the night ends up being full of crying and disappointment. And it's not helping that she thinks that there is a monster in her closet and all the sudden is very scared of darkness.

Then our friend Susan sent me this link few days ago and it made both me and Frido feel differently about our bedtime routine for Roo. Tonight when I heard her say, "can you hold me?" after brushing her teeth, I answered to her, "I will hold you until you are ready." She and I hang out for 10 minutes or so on her bed and I focused on just being there and showing how much I love and care about her. After a while I could feel that Roo relaxed... and I said to her, "I love you so much...". She looked at me, smiled and closed her eyes.

It was special. I am thankful that the last word she heard from me today was full of love and tenderness...

because I love her and she deserves the best from us everyday and every night.

**photo taken by Courtney of Erin Hearts Court


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