Monday, October 7, 2013

Last 14 days...

It has been eventful two weeks for us... I am definitely getting the feeling that my plate is little bit full.

Trying to remember to take some time off for myself to fuel my spirit... even for 10 minutes at night to flip through a magazine and write down thoughts in my journal.

Also just as my friend told me..., "get a bigger plate when the plate I have feels too full". Learning to ask for help from wonderful people around us.

Finally... simply be okay with what I can accomplish and what I can not... Try not to get so fixed on things "I think" needs to be done... but always be flexible to re-prioritize and focus on what really matters...

... and celebrate my little family. Coco is starting to sleep through the night and we just got a "big kid's bed" for our Roo. She now goes to sleep all by herself instead of needing me to lay next to her. These are two HUGE milestones for us as parents. Bitter sweet... but mostly sweet... to see them grow.

Saturday is our big opening party!


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