Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspired by Bart's Books - a captivating outdoor book store! / Ojai

Since we were getting ready to open our Baum-kuchen studio/shop while we were in Ojai, I was definitely on the lookout for inspiration. Then we stumbled upon Bart's Books, an independent owned outdoor bookstore... in the shell of a house!

Seeing so many books in such an unusual set up was truly mesmerizing. When I stood between book shelves, I could kind of tell that I was in a space that used to be a house... but in a parallel universe kind of way. Getting lost in the maze of book shelves browsing the collections never felt more intriguing. Outdoor space with an open patio for spontaneous reading, little kid's corner with vintage school desks... and a former kitchen filled with recipe books! 

So original and inspiring! 

We picked up few new (old) children books for Roo so she could enjoy reading them while we were on the road... 

Frido and I can't get into reading books in a digital format (I know... you can call us archaic...) and are always in the process of curating our bookshelf so it was so refreshing to see 'the real books' still going strong!


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