Sunday, November 3, 2013

A happy place

I am so beyond words with gratefulness for all the support you have shared throughout the week. All the encouragement we received via emails, comments, and hugs mean so much to us... THANK YOU!!

We are definitely moving forward... with newly generated ideas and more refined thoughts about where we want to take our Baum-kuchen to. The words we keep reminding ourselves are: integrity in what we do, thoughtfulness in the way we grow and meaning in what we share... 

I am also so happy that we are starting to have lovely visitors to our studio/shop. Meeting online customers in person..., being able to help friends to customize their Traveler's Notebook, chatting about our awesome Glassell Park neighborhood... Our studio/shop is starting to feel like extension of our home. This is my happy place... where I feel centered and calm.

Now I just need to get this little cold out of my system and we're ready to go for November!

thank you Jessie for the photo in the studio!! 


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