Saturday, November 9, 2013

Last 3 weeks...

It has been a up and down 3 weeks for us. The first cold of this season has taken me down for good... combined with Coco and Roo's night wakings is making me feel bit sleep deprived. So instead of sitting in front of my laptop to write a blog or respond to emails..., I crash in bed as earliest as possible. Few nights ago, I went to sleep at 7pm and that was a record. If you happened to send me an email recently and I haven't had a chance to respond, I promise I will get back to all the emails! and I do have a lot of inspiration and things I am dying to share on our blog.... I try to tell myself that I don't forget all these things as long as I have them logged on my notebook. I know I will get to share them when I am all better from this cold.

Baum-kuchen, parenting, relationship, wellness (both mentally and physically)...

There are a lot to look after right now... and tackle. I wish I could do it all... but for now...I am doing my best to let some things go. If that means that I sometimes look slightly (or majorly) off in my outfit/hair department, can't cross off the checklist, or be up late to watch a movie..., it's okay. I can do those things tomorrow or some other time... but there are other things in life I can't go backward to fix..., right?

So here are snapshots from my last 3 weeks. I do stay pretty active on Instagram and our Facebook page! So you might be able to get a glimpse of the newest updates from Baum-kuchen through those channels if you are active on those medias!

I am wishing the very best to your weekend!



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