Sunday, November 17, 2013

This... to that in 5 years!

Few nights ago... in the middle of night (like 3am) after taking care of Coco, I had an aha moment about our "about page"... that I needed to change the picture on the page. 

For me, the photo that goes on "about page" is an important decision to make. I like to make sure that it shows who we are in a real scale... If our online friends and customers from Baum-kuchen happen to bump into us on the street, we are just the way they felt online.

I have loved the photo which was taken by Max Wagner just about 5 years ago for our "about page". It was at our old house (aka a canyon shack) and it was just me and Frido. I am holding a tea cup made by an European ceramist and Frido is flipping through a Japanese design magazine... on our old red couch. It felt like it really captured who we have been for a very long time.

First forward 5 years. This is where we are at now. The photo was taken about a month ago by our friend Courtney of Erin Hearts Court. Almost always beautifully handful with our two girls... in our humble house. Over breakfast table... chatting away about what's next. Life now is bit messier, more textured and fuller than 5 years ago in a very real way.

and I love it:)

(including long days, waking up few times at night to help the girls, occasional meltdowns and so many more things that come with life as parents!) 


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