Friday, November 15, 2013

Writing a letter and learning ABCs

Writing a letter has been one of our favorite family activities with Roo lately! I love how it combines both critical and creative thinking... while giving her a great opportunity to get familiar with letters and words.

When she is in the letter writing mode, we talk about the person whom she is sending her letter to... What would the person like to see? What picture should Roo draw that makes the person smile? Can we make it colorful? Can we make it special by adding layers of other materials? Where should a shipping stamp and returning address go? All these are great fun (and educational) conversation points. 

Usually one side ends up being pretty "colorful" and I write what Roo wants to say to the person on the other side as a message.

My parents once told me that whenever we think of someone..., the special someone is also thinking of us even over the distance. I think writing a letter has the same effect... with a beautiful delayed gratification. 


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