Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From our weekend

Over the weekend, I made a lot of conscious decision to stay present. When I worked, I worked... when I was with my family, I was with my family. Throughout the weekend, I took snapshots of the moments with my camera (instead of overusing my phone... for Instagram moment). It definitely helped me to stay in the moments when I didn't use my phone for pictures... and image quality is always so much better so it was an win-win situation:) 

Both of my sisters spontaneously visited us over the weekend and that definitely added more to our family time. I also managed to stop by an estate sale on Sunday and scored a matching vintage suitcase for $10. They were very dusty and tucked pretty deeply under other stuff in the garage of the estate sale... but when I saw them, I felt that they were asking me to pick them up so that they could travel again. 

I hope your week has been lovely so far. I am looking forward to spending my day at the studio!

Happy Tuesday:)



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