Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sharing thoughts about Traveler's Notebook sold on Amazon

I was recently inquired by our customer Ben about Traveler's Notebook sold at Amazon for much cheaper price. I thought about the answer for a quite while before responding to him... so I thought I would share my response here as well in case you are wondering the same thing as Ben.

On the email, Ben asked, "Hello,The same notebook is available from Amazon at $45.99." after placing an order with us for his Traveler's Notebook. 

and here was my response,
"Thank you so much for your order! Yes. We sometimes see Amazon sellers who offer Traveler’s Notebook and accessories for much cheaper price. I asked our MIDORI contacts about it and they told me that amazon sellers are probably not getting their merchandise through our official distributor. Most likely they have bought these items in bulk personally in Japan and selling them. They shouldn’t be any different from what we have in our MIDORI inventory. We have hard time matching the price to the Amazon price while sustaining our business since MIDORI has official wholesale price. We are aware that some customers prefer buying them from Amazon for less price and we totally understand the situation. We are hoping to contribute to our customers through our commitment to stock the entire TN collection at all times as well as the personal touch we are able to offer. -wakako"

I am so glad he asked! If you have any questions reg. how we run Baum-kuchen and thoughts that go behind it, please feel free to send me an email ( I am always happy to share because I believe we are in this together:)



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