Monday, March 9, 2015


She is 21 months + week.
She talks a lot... she especially love repeating after her sister.
She has the strongest mind of 1 year old that I have seen... yet she is very shy around other people.
She finds her own game as long as she feels safe nearby us.
She loves her sister...

She picks her own sets of clothes everyday and would much rather wear her sister's clothes over hers. Most often she is happy wearing multiple patters on her clothes.
She loves her pockets on her dress.

She collects flowers for me while I am away at work.
She sleeps through the night in her crib and wakes up to call us saying "I am ready to get out of the crib now". We are so excited to pick her out of the crib every morning and give her the first hug of the day.
Sometimes she simply loves falling sleep in my arm.

She loves to hold us but she does not care much for giving hugs and kisses. In fact she avoids those by any cost.
She is heavy for being carried around but we accommodate it when she asks for it.
She is obsessed in buckling her own seatbelt.

She is my Coco and always will be.
I love her so much.


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