Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Getting ready for Inspiration Lab with Eunice (@thedailyroe)

I can't quite recall exactly when I "met" Eunice (@thedailyroe) via Instagram. It feels like I have followed her for a very very long time... Her updates have always filled my fancy and love for analogue. So I was thrilled to hear back from Eunice when I contacted her reg. doing a little interview about her Traveler's Notebook. While I was going back and fourth with Eunice about her Traveler's Notebook, I had a mini epiphany that I absolutely needed to share her artistic sense of journaling and creative approach in documenting her life with more people who were also passionate about what we loved. 

I sent a very lengthy email love letter to her asking if she might possibly consider working with us fully knowing how busy she already was with her everyday. When I heard back from her how excited she was to host the workshop with us, I was over the moon. It has been almost 2 weeks since we rolled the ball. We have been exchanging crazy amount of emails brainstorming on the workshop contents as well as ideas for specially curated Eunice's analogue box that will be shared with each guest. Now that we are getting closer to the workshop day, everything is coming together so beautifully. 

We want our guests to be immersed in the analogue process for the 3 hours we will be sharing at our studio... and head home feeling rejuvenated and inspired to open their planner/journal. 

Here are some snapshots from my Instagram feed... sharing our process for crafting Inspiration Lab. I will be updating more as we get closer so you can join our journey! Eunice is also sharing her updates on her Instagram feed so check back often:) 

And if you love documenting a trace of your life in analogue format, are looking for a unique inspiration and love being surrounded by fellow analogue enthusiasts, join us at our Inspiration Lab (link here) on April 5th! 

Inspiration Lab: 
Date: Sunday, April 5th
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Baum-kuchen studio / shop
Address: 3423 Verdugo Road Los Angeles, CA 90065


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