Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mark your pages... especially the pages that inspire you:)

We are thrilled to share some new Book Darts available at our shop! "pin your dreams" and "track your journey".  When I design the message on Book Darts, I try to imagine the reason why these little beauties might be used in someone's life. Would he mark his dream vacation on a travel magazine? Would she leave a Book Dart on the recipe page that she is inspired by? Would he insert few Book Darts on the journaled pages he wants to remember and go back to? It's such a fun process!
For us we started marking the pages of California Camping book with campsites that we reserved for this summer. Yes. We have a plan to be camping a lot between June through August with Satchi and Coco. And I love the way the closed book looks when you see the marked pages (see the last pic!). Each dart representing special memories to be made. 


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