Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baum-kuchen Open Studio hosted by Madalena (@mypersonalcoffeebreak) (5/24/15)

After sharing our very first http://www.baum-kuchen.net/blogs/story/18186217-bits-and-pieces-from-the-inspiration-lab-with-eunice-roe-4-5-15, one of our guest/friend Madalena (@mypersonalcoffeebreak on IG) had a great idea of doing a follow-up meet up with the workshop attendees who were interested in digging deeper into the "love for analogue".

I have been wanting to share the BK space to nurture the crazy passion (or obsession) we all have around the world of analogue and journaling so it all fell in place in a perfect timing to host the very first Baum-kuchen Open Studio.

It was an intimate around the table gathering... and afternoon was filled with yummy treats from Lemon Poppy Kitchen (thank you so much Madalena!!), analogue swap to share some of our favorite analogue treasure with everyone and show and tell of our current planner/journal system as well as tools we love... followed by much much laugher through sharing different stories we had. You can see more pictures from everyone via Instagram hashtag #bkopenstudio 

Through the Inspiration Lab and our conversation on Instagram, we have gotten to know each other and how much we love our Traveler's Notebook and other journals but seriously... there is nothing like spending time in person as a community. I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of creative analogue enthusiasts around us and Baum-kuchen.

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful gathering Madalena and thank you Beth, Rowena, Eunice, Jennie, Amy, and Jennifer for joining us. I can't wait to see our creative community grow and evolve over time.

And if you are ever interested in hosting a little open studio in the BK space (either private group or open to everyone) around the topics we have in common, let me know:) We are always "open" for ideas!

Photo captured by Rowena (@retrowtures on IG) pretty much captures our moments perfectly.

 Photo captured by Madalena during the show & tell. I believe this is inside of Amy's Traveler's Notebook!
  Photo captured by Madalena during the show & tell... amazing tools of Amy!


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