Sunday, June 14, 2015

Celebrating "life" in Palm Springs

To celebrate Satchi and Coco's birthdays, we stepped away for one night to Palm Springs. We love the simplicity of ACE Hotel in Palm Springs. We checked in, felt very at home and practically never left the compound until we checked out the next day. With little ones... we found it the most peaceful and practical way to handle the hotel situation. 

Satchi wanted to swim all day on her birthday (and that was her "wish" when she blew her birthday candles) so that's what we did... all day. We swam after we checked in until dinner... then Satchi and I headed back to the pool for more evening swim. We watched sun go down in the swimming pool then looked for the stars in the big Palm Springs sky while floating on the water. 

We woke up next morning and was the first ones at the pool (of course). I am pretty sure that we got enough pool time to fulfill my girls' dream... 

After checking out, we headed to Palm Spring Aerial Tramway which was highly recommended by our friends. It was so fun to go from the bottom of desert with heatwave... into high mountain. Temperature dropped about 20 degrees and we got to see the canyon change underneath us from the rotating tram. It was fascinating experience. Reminded me of the movies Castle in the Sky from Hayao Miyazaki... 

A minor detail... our car managed to overheat at the tramway parking and dealing with that was slightly stressful under 100 degree desert weather but we managed to get home safely and more less happily in a functioning car. 

Whenever I step away... even for one night, I find myself more focused and connected to the big picture in life... and I definitely came home with few takeaways in life. So cheers to that;) 

I shared some pics from our trip via Instagram but here are some more to sum up our weekend! 

p.s. I love doing photo shoot on the road so I will have another post with our BK goodies captured in Palm Springs:) 


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