Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thinking on Paper... and testing Roterfaden A6 with Hobonichi

Recently I stopped opening my laptop in the evenings after kids go to sleep. I don't know if I can keep it this way "everyday" but it has been a lovely shift. 

When laptop is not available, I am definitely spending more time writing. And... since there is so much I can write to journal for the day, I spend quite bit of time writing my future blog posts, emails I want to send out with my pen and paper. So when I get back to my laptop, contents are all done ahead of time. Okay... so I am still working in the middle of night but I really love the difference in how my thoughts flow. 

I truly think on paper...

So when I get asked to prototype different configuration of notebooks, planners, and analogue system, I get giddy. (as you can imagine:)

Recently I was asked if Roterfaden Small (A6) would work with Hobonichi Original and Field Notes. So here is the visual documentation to answer the question. I think These notebooks could work together with Roterfaden Small (A6). Hobonichi planner is just a tiny bit wider than the Roterfaden dark brown cover

Oh I hope your analogue system is going well:) 


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