Sunday, June 28, 2015

Changes at BK: Make the back room as awesome as front room!

When we grow, I suppose we grow in many different directions. And that is what is happening at Baum-kuchen. It started with the need to shift into online bookkeeping/synching of our orders... then it has been like a domino effect. So excited that Frido, Nerine and I started the discussion of near future possibility to add another person to our BK team... and the need to adjust our space to accommodate our current and future work flow. One of our biggest goal is to create more seamless transition between the front and back room experience. We want the look and feel of our back room to be just as Baum-kuchen as the front shop. So the team who works behind Baum-kuchen can first and foremost experience what BK feels like. 

I am glad to report that the first step of transition happened over the weekend.

Frido stopped by the studio on Friday and Nerine and I shared our wish list for our back room so multiple people can work more comfortably and effectively as a team. We talked about possibility of Traveler's Notebook "wall" in the front shop. We also talked about adding extra shelving system to accommodate more inventory. 

Today I got in the studio and moved my work desk to the very very very back of the back room. It is to "test it out" but I am pretty sure that I have permanently graduated from working in the front shop area. It's cool that I started at the very front of the shop where desk used to be when we first opened the studio/shop... and gradually moved towards the back room. It reflects my thought of needing to play less front shop role and more content creation and creative direction (although I will still be opening the shop many days of the week:) The shop role will be a nice tag team effort with Nerine. 

Moving my stuff out of the front studio really opened the space in the front... bringing more inspiration and new thoughts of what space could be used for! It will be a process to finish the entire project but we are beyond excited with where we are at!



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