Saturday, June 20, 2015

On the hunt for inspiration / Portland

Our 2nd day in Portland was filled with more tasty spots, visiting local boutique shops and being a part of our special friend Laura's baby shower... all in downtown Portland. I love that I can bring everyone with me to this journey by sharing bits and pieces of my experience via Instagram.  Whenever I travel, I always ask myself "can I live here?".  If Portland is always this sunny, I would definitely answer myself "yes";) 

Here is a list of my favorite Portland spots from today!

Tasty n Alder: we had our brunch there this morning. We were so lucky that we arrived to the restaurant at 9am sharp when they just opened because there was already a long line waiting to be seated when door opened! Truly a tasty spot that is a must on the list of Portland downtown eatery!

Canoe: A very curated boutique shop. I (of course) couldn't help to be gravitated towards their analogue tool station including really awesome pens they were carrying. My sister found some special birthday gifts there!

MadeHere PDX: A lovely collection of all Portland goods. I got in an awesome conversation with the person behind the shop about how much we both LOVE Superior Labor. I knew right then... the shop was an awesome fit for me:) 

WILL leather goods: LOVE the smell of this shop when you first walk in. I love seeing, feeling, touching, and smelling a great craftsmanship. And they had leather business card. Well... how about that?

Lowell: an eclectic vintage / antiques shop. I was thrilled to see a treasure cabinet that was hang on their wall. Totally brought me home:) 

Jamison Square: the inner city park with water feature! I will so be here if I had Satchi and Coco with me. 

Tomorrow we head home!


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