Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Let go of yesterday. Create today."

Coco was really really really under the weather since she got her 2 year old vaccines on last Thursday. She developed quite bit of allergic reaction... fever, swollen skin, hives, lack of appetite and crazy irritability because she was so uncomfortable. Over the weekend to Monday we focused on helping her get through this outbreak... and didn't get much sleep for few days. Things were bit rough. Thankfully... today was much better. Her reaction to the vaccine completely left her body and she is finally back to herself. Smiling, eating... and wanting to keep up with Satchi. 

After coming back from Japan, we have been challenged to get back on track of life. For last few weeks everyone took turns getting sick and a lot of milestones have been happening with little ones. Life has kept us very involved. They were all amazing celebration including Satchi's preschool graduation... Coco's birthday (and Satchi turning FIVE in 2 days!!). At the same time it feels like I have been fighting an uphill battle with the overwhelming feeling of what I wanted to get done vs. what I could actually accomplish at the studio/shop. 

But when we went through the last strike of being slightly misaligned over the weekend, I came across this awesome quote through Eagle Rock Juice Co

"Let go of yesterday. Create today."

I loved it so much that I wrote it big and bold on my journal yesterday. 

I love that it is an action. I love that we "can" create this moment and be in charge of our action even though everything else seems so out of our control. I love that it is about "today". And I love that it helped me to stay focused on the moment when I was in a middle of being a mom instead of thinking of what needed to be done for Baum-kuchen. 

I will always work hard and pour my heart and soul for Baum-kuchen... but I wholeheartedly embrace that I am and will always and forever be a mom to our girls... and be ready to create our day (small or big... and happy or challenging) in a driver seat instead of just getting by with the ride. 

Cheers to life... and today:)


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