Tuesday, January 10, 2017

BK on Big Islands // Gone fishing... (well sort of)

The idea of being present has been a pretty big topic for our family recently. So when we left our home last week, I told myself that I would be very mindful with the way I check-in with my emails and other virtual connections. Luckily we had such a low internet connectivity and were so isolated from much of modern world on first few days, it was really easy to focus on just being. During the day I didn't really do much on my phone aside from taking the pictures and caught up with BK related tasks/projects at night after girls went to sleep and uploaded few memorable moments from the day on Instagram. It has been a nice change of pace and there have been a lot to see, feel and experience in the most mundane moments of the day.

We are now at the 2nd location on Big Islands nearby Hapuna Beach State park and our way of connecting has been going pretty strong. Because kids have been so excited to play at the beach ever since we got to Hawaii, we are just doing that. Probably getting more than enough sunshine at this moment... but we are feeling good together. Satchi discovered how much she loves body boarding. Coco is so excited to be swimming in a big ocean. Frido is really digging into a book he is super interested in. We are journaling every night together. A lot of ideas are getting shared (and in between girls have come up with a new design idea for Hawaii flag) and we are mindful with each other and with our time.

We have a couple more days here before we head back to our home in Los Angeles. I am hoping that I will really get in the habit of creating a healthy relationship with all things analogue and digital by the time we leave here. Because it's important.

p.s. on the other note..., check out this fun video our customer created while she visited our studio/shop! She captured it so beautifully that I had to rub my eyes couple times and remind myself that it's our studio/shop space! 


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