Friday, January 6, 2017

BK on Big Islands // Underwater

This morning we slowly got ready to head back to Kapoho Tide Pool. We are so incredibly lucky to be staying at airbnb that is 5 minutes walk away from this expansive natural resource.

I love this spot because it looks like nothing from above water... but once we put our goggles on, it is a totally different world. Our "traveling girls" (the name coined by Satchi and Coco) got to snorkel for the first time too and I was beyond excited. Satchi would probably be a fish if she were not Satchi... and Coco is not very far behind. They both adore swimming...

My parents were really keen on me taking swim classes while I was growing up. They wanted to make sure that I knew what to do in case I get in the water by accident. I never really liked those swim classes when I was a kid but I must admit... I love swimming. Especially when I can feel like I am swimming with fish all around me.

Frido brought his water camera so here are some captures from the day. Water was little chilly so girls only stayed in the water for 15 minutes or so... but they got to see some fish in the coral reef and they enjoyed themselves by exploring tide pools made by black lava while Frido and I took turn snorkeling.

This world is so big and mysterious and there is so much more to explore and learn from. I hope our traveling girls would take the sense of wonder with them as they grow.


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