Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Something healthy and healing for our ears and our souls

Since the end of last year, we have turned off our radio while kids are in the car and have been listening to some wonderful podcasts. Especially when tension is so high in the world, I find myself also needing some downtime from "current news" and just tune into what they are listening.

I especially found the audio stories from Sparkle Stories positive, healing and also thought-provoking... so I thought I would share. I must admit, I am often in little tears listening to the stories they share. And girls usually tune in with their ears very closely. Right now we are downloading their podcast contents as they come out... but I might consider signing up for their monthly membership so we can support this beautiful endeavor and also offer more options for stories Satchi and Coco can listen.

I thought I would share this in case you are also needing an alternative to turning the radio on when you are in the car ride with the little ones. 

Also we love...


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