Friday, January 6, 2017

BK on Big Islands // Up and close with volcano

We are so happy to celebrate Frido's birthday on the road today. We have an ambitious goal that we will always be traveling somewhere in the world on our birthdays (except mine... because it's right in the middle of our busiest time at the studio/shop). So I am thrilled that we are making it happen!

I had fun making the mango flavored Hawaiian pancake for breakfast:)
This year girls fully participated in getting the special gifts for Frido... so they were thrilled to watch him open the gifts they carefully selected.

We spent the rest of the day exploring a volcano. We have been looking forward to seeing the active lava ever since we booked this trip and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park definitely did not disappoint. We were able to make a few stops and short hikes (even with Coco) at the park and watch some of the volcanic activities in action. Standing at the rim of the crater... overlooking an active volcano with bright red lava flowing and bubbling up from the earth was breathtaking. It makes you stop and think/wonder how earth might have looked like when it was first created.


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