Monday, January 9, 2017

BK on Big Islands // Our home away home in jungle

Yesterday we moved from Hilo side of the island to Kona side. We are all settled into the beach side of the island... but still talk about how magical our stay was at this eclectic airbnb house near Kapoho Tide Pool. This house had nothing touristy about it... and I felt a sense of "grandma's house" immediately after I walked into the house. The house had everything we needed yet it was so far from anything we were familiar with. We arrived with 3 hours of jetlag so staying in a remote place gave us a peace of mind that we were not waking up anyone around us in the neighborhood when girls started playing in the living room at 5am...

We enjoyed sleeping with the sound of tropical jungle and frog, cooking our own meals, harvesting our own coconut from our beautiful black sand/rock garden and living with our resident geckos (they all had names by the time we checked out).

This place will definitely be a talked about amongst our girls for many years to come... I am sure.


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