Thursday, January 5, 2017

BK on Big Islands // Live light... and travel even lighter.

Next ten days... we will be broadcasting from Big Island in Hawaii. Yesterday was a long day of transit from Los Angeles to Hilo side of the island. So we were happy to stretch our body today and swim our heart away in the ocean. A big chunk of inspiration for Baum-kuchen comes from our travel and the act of traveling so we are excited to see so many curated artifacts at our shop fit perfectly in our suitcase and then in the scenery of the destination.

Our motto is to live light and travel even lighter. (but with our most adored artifacts in life:)

today's stops included:
Kopoho Tide Pools: walking distance from our airbnb. we got there at 8am... perfectly timed at high tide. the water was still little cold for us to stay in for too long but it was so fun to watch Satchi snorkel next to me. her swimming class is paying off:)

Black Sand Beach: we have been inquiring a lot about volcano so seeing a beach made of black sand was such a treat... and it is set in such a remote and beautiful location. Both Satchi and Coco told us that they felt like they were walking on the coffee grind.

Ahalanui Park Hot Springs: Probably the favorite location of the day for girls. They felt like they were swimming in a pool but it was in a natural hot spring right at the beach. Perfectly warm water to stay in for a long time and relax... (or chase a little fish if you were Satchi).


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