Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inspired by... {beginning of fall}

Throughout the week, I take tons of pictures. Some make it to this blog and some don't... mainly because they don't fit with what I write about. But I still take these photos because they inspire me and I want to capture these moments.

So I have been thinking of the way to share these photos... and decided to do a weekly wrap up of photo inspiration board on Wednesday.

I am thinking that it will be a lovely opportunity to open my window to yours. What do you think?

This week we are enjoying a cooler weather here in LA. I love how photos taken on a gloomy day come out so differently from the ones taken on a sunny day. It feels like I am living in a different city.

If you are posting a photo collage that shares your inspiration..., can you leave me a link? I would love to visit your world too!

p.s. I have another series I am dying to start from this Friday. More coming in a few days:)


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