Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moon cake: celebrating autumn

I was lucky enough to experience my first moon cake with our lovely Chinese friend. She explained it to me that the Chinese festival which celebrates the year's harvest is just as important as their new year. To properly celebrate the season, her mother ships special moon cakes from New York every year!

They came in a beautiful box with a description for each cake's very distinguished flavor. To make it even more special, we paired each cake with a specific oolong tea or green tea.

Very ceremonial treat.

The colors and shapes of these cakes were absolutely gorgeous... but I couldn't quite connect the color of the cake with a certain flavor in my head (brown did not mean chocolate! It was a flavor of oolong tea) so each bite felt like a mini adventure.

Being constantly introduced to new cultures... makes living in LA all worthwhile:)

Thank you for sharing, Dice and Denise!
moon cake packaging
moon cakemoon cakemoon cakemoon cake


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