Friday, September 24, 2010

little roo friday {11lb of personality}

This is the other series I would love to start from today.

{little roo friday}

Weekly update on our little roo.

Each week we discover something new in her and it's so much fun... she has really become my muse... so I thought I should dedicate one post/week to update how she is doing and what I have learned as a new mama.

Maybe one week it's a collection of a few photos... and other week... a little story about her. I hope it brightens up your weekend:)

This week she has discovered that she can put her two hands together. Whenever she has a moment, she sits politely on mama's lap crossing her fingers... absorbing the whole world around her. I can also tell she is making a huge leap on her emotional growth. She has expanded the library of expressions tremendously which means she really lets us know when she is happy (or not). Sometimes she even looks like she is telling me a joke (with "isn't it so funny, mama?" look on her face) - it melts my heart:)

Everyday I am in awe of her growth... and so happy to be spending this quality time with her.

Have a lovely weekend to you!


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